Sergei the Spider

Sergei Krovochenko was raised in Kiev, Ukraine.  His father was one of several soldiers experimented on by the Russian military.  The goal of the experiment was to enhance soldiers by imbuing them with genetic characteristics of predatory animals – in Krovochenkos’ case, the jumping spider.  The experiment apparently failed, and the test subjects ultimately died.  However, as a child, Sergei discovered that the powers intended for his father had manifested in him.  With the ability to leap great distances, secrete a toxic venom from his salivary glands, and commune with spiders, Sergei strikes fear into the underworld by fighting crime as Sergei the Spider.

Sergei the Spider
Designed and drawn by Rob Severson
Colored by A.C. Tyler

Having amassed a fortune as the CEO of an energy conglomerate, Sergei honors his mother by protecting the environment and taking the fight to those who would exploit and destroy it.

Featuring political intrigue as well as good old-fashioned superhero storytelling and adventure, Sergei the Spider has something for everyone.