A.C. Tyler

A.C. Tyler was born in San Francisco, grew up in Detroit, and has lived most of his adult life in Minneapolis and Madison, so you’ll pardon him if he speaks fluent Hippie, Labor, Environment and LGBT with an atrocious Activist accent.  Throughout his life, he’s always been dedicated to seeing the vulnerable protected, while endeavoring to see those who have power share the benefits with all.  Maybe he had an early influence.

He’s loved comic books since he was too young to read, and has drawn and colored his own superpowered and fantastic characters from then on. His favorite titles include the John Byrne-era X-Men, Frank Miller‘s Dark Knight series, and nothing compares to his appreciation of Wendy Pini‘s original Elfquest.  If the book told a good story of standing up for what matters, and did so with beautiful art, he found it spoke to him.

His adult life has been devoted to finding and nurturing family, only recently having an opportunity to go to college and complete a degree in 3D Concepting and Animation. This reawoke his drive to create art, and he is proud to be a part of Gemini’s bullpen.

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