Al Hart

Al Hart

Al Hart is a lifelong comic book nerd who is thrilled to be writing comics as well as reading them.  He goes to the dog park twice a day with his best friend, a lovable mutt named Lena.

A lawyer in a past life, Al now earns a living as a bartender, a consultant, an editor and proofreader, an improviser, and a dogsitter.  Al is the author of a children’s book titled Everything’s Better With Monkeys, with plans to publish more in the years to come.


At Gemini Comix, Al writes Luminary and The Distance.  Al hopes to capture the adventure and of the comic books he enjoyed as a kid, and a kid at heart.  His favorites growing up included Fantastic Four, Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Elfquest.  Al also designed the logos for the covers of Gemini titles, and collaborated on the company logo.

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