Hunter Bell

Hunter Bell is a true mountain man at heart. His rustic, contour-hatching is slightly reminiscent of Barry Windsor-Smith or the old masters like Dürer, but with obvious influences of nature in the greater body of his work. Hunter’s distinct style is a result of refined work across mediums not limited to ink, concrete, and steel. But the one characteristic they always share is an affinity for man’s wild side.

The self-taught artist recently moved to Milwaukee from South-Western Virginia to begin his career after graduating high school. When he’s not drawing for Gemini, you’ll find him at a festival peddling his wares or welding outdoor fireplaces. He’s as natural as it gets, so get ’em while you can.

Over the years, Hunter honed his talent to draw with colored pencils, but now he answers the call wielding a mere pen.  He uses his skill to bring joy to the hearts of many, because with great ability comes a great desire to show off.  Hunter’s love for nature clearly manifests in his work, but perhaps more subtle are his themes pertaining to man’s relationship with patterns, the wild, and himself.

Hunter created the original concept for the Gemini Comix logo, which was further refined in collaboration with the rest of the team.

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