Rob Severson

What can be said about Rob that hasn’t been said before?  One could say that Rob is known throughout the region for his ability to calm jittery squirrels.  It could also be said, that when writing he wears nothing but a Care Bears pillowcase (on his head).  You might also hear that Rob was a former contestant on the game show “Yodeling for Dollars”.  Yes, ALL of these things could be said, but they are lies, and his Mommy would not like that one bit.

Jittery Squirrel

Instead, here’s the straight poop.  Rob is a writer, a penciller, an inker (Sergei the Spider) and Editor-In-Chief for Gemini Comics.  He has a been writing and drawing all his life and most recently has done drawings for the George Lucas (Education )Foundation.

Rob has a life-long love affair with comic-books.  He believes to this day that the Chris Claremont/John Byrne run on the Uncanny X-Men (#108 -#143) are the greatest books produced in the post-copper age of comic books.  This company and the creation of the universe in which the characters will live…is nothing short of a dream come true.  Moreover, he is humbled and abso-freaking-lutely THRILLED to have the best damned creative staff around, and he would stand on Jim Lee‘s coffee table in his dusty cowboy boots and say that!

Rob is looking forward to the challenges and creative work ahead.

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