Jarrod Roberts is a high school student living on the lower east side of Manhattan, New York.  One day, Jarrod sustained a major head injury when he was mugged.  He was hit in the head from behind, cracking his skull in the process.  When he woke up in the hospital, he discovered that he had unique insight into the way his brain functions, with the ability to control certain aspects of his brain functions.

Luminary Concept Art
Penciled and inked by Casey Hulbott
Colored by A.C. Tyler

He has a photographic memory, and he has “unlocked” psionic abilities including telepathic communication/”mind reading”, and a limited degree of psychokinesis.

Taking the name Luminary, he decides to use his powers to defend the city as a superhero.  In the months to come, Jarrod will discover more about his powers, and learn more about the incident in which he gained them, while facing a variety of foes and protecting his secret identity as well as his city.

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